Center for Urban Performance and Service

Vision Statement -CUPS is a ministry of Westside Ministries dedicated to training up children, youth and adults to become skillful worshipers of Christ through the creative arts.

CUPS Dance and Music ministry offers a variety of classes that range from Ballet, Hip-Hop, acting, and even vocal lessons. Please attend a parent meeting or visit the office if you are interesting in enrolling for the 2018-19 season.

Enrollment Meetings for 2018-19 Semester

Enrollment Meetings for the new 2018-19 CUPS Semester will be held Thursday, August 23rd and Tuesday, August 28th at 6:00pm in the CUPS Building (950B Columbia St.). 

New parents must attend this meeting to register students and discuss CUPS important policies and dates. If you can not attend the meeting, please call the office to discuss missed information. Registration Forms will be available below to print out. You may print out forms and bring with you to the meetings.

Online Registration System

CUPS offers an online registration system that allows parents to create an account and enroll students through their own parent portal. For new families, please click on the link below to create a new account. (See image at bottom of page for instructions)

Click Here to be taken to the CUPS Parent Portal.

(Registration for fall T.B.A. You may still create an account, but may not enroll for classes as registration is not open. When Registration opens, you will be able to register your student for classes.)

Semester Tuition Rates

  • For Westside Students: $25/month or 5 hours of service/month per student at Westside Workday.
  • Non-Westside Students: $45/month

*To qualify as a Westside student, you must live within the school district of Wakefield, Cunningham, and Osborn Elementary schools. For more information or qualifications, please call the office at 209-667-9020.

Cuota Mensuales de Semestre

  • Para los estudiantes de Westside: $ 25 / mes o 5 horas de servicio / mes por estudiante en el día de trabajo.
  • Estudiantes no de Westside: $ 45 / mes

** Los estudiantes de Westside califican si usted vive dentro del distrito escolar de Wakefield, Cunningham y Osborn Elementary. Para obtener más información o calificaciones, llame a la oficina al 209-667-9020.

Other Fees

  • Registration Fee: A $10.00 fee is due upon enrollment per family once a year. *A $50 fee is due for those in the “Aerial” class per child per semester.
  • Production Fee: A $50 fee is due for each production per family upon registering for classes (2x per year).
    • Parents have the option to help backstage with production to wave the fee.
    • Students who drop after October 1st and April 1st will still have to pay the $50 production Fee.
  • A $5 late fee will be charged if students are picked up more that 15 minutes after class ends and $1 per minute after the first 15 minutes.
  • A $1 fee will be charged to students who need to use the office phone to make a phone call.


*CUPS dance and music ministry holds two shows per year. From Broadway style Christmas shows to Biblical stories in the Spring, dance and music students have an opportunity to perform for the audience of one!

Christmas Production 

December 1st, 2018 @ 2:00pm & 7:00pm

Located at the Turlock Community Theatre;

1574 E Canal Dr. Turlock, CA 95380

Spring Production

May 3 at 7:00pm and May 4 at 2:00pm & 7:00pm, 2019

Located at Westside Ministries;

950 Columbia St. Turlock, CA 95380

*Must attend: All Day Mandatory Dance Day- Monday November 12th and Friday April 19th 9am-4pm. Sneak Peak 6pm-7pm.

**Note that Dance Days are also Picture Days for our Picture Fundraiser. Therefore, students must attend Dance Day in order to have their picture taken.

Photography/Videography During Show at WSM

We will not allow any photography or video recording of any kind during shows at WSM. You may record when we are at the TCT as long AS YOU ARE IN YOUR SEAT OR IN THE BALCONY. There are no exceptions.

What to Wear (Dress Code)

  • T-shirt (loose fitting – does not show stomach)
  • Leggings or dance pants
  • Correct dance shoes (depending on class)
  • Must have ballet shoes for Ballet Class
  • Hair securely pulled back (no accessories, bows, etc)

Important Documents

*Required forms for enrollment.*Formas necesarias para inscripción.

-Please note new students must attend a parent meeting or meet with CUPS staff before enrolling. 

Please be on standby for forms for the 2018-2019 semester

*Registration Form

*Medical Release

Por favor esperen para formas para el semestre 2018-2019.

*Forma de Registracion

*Liberacion Medica

Important Documents

CUPS Class Schedule Fall 2018

Click here to see schedule

Center for Urban Performance and Service

A ministry of Westside Ministries

Phone: 209-667-9020 Fax: 667-1107


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