Wild Wednesday | Pre K-6th Graders

Our Wild Wednesday program is an after school bible club for elementary school children. This program goes from 1:45pm-3:45pm every Wednesday throughout the school year (October-May). Within that time, they will play a large group game, eat a snack, hear a story from the bible and have small group time. Our curriculum focuses on teaching the bible chronologically and over a period of 3 years will learn the bible from Genesis to Revelation. The children gain reading fluency and comprehension skills during group time. The small group leader provides a setting and relationships that will last a lifetime.

WW planting broccoli on their field trip.

Teen Club | Jr. High & High School

On Wednesday nights, we have youth group from 5:45pm-7:45pm for the Jr. high and High schoolers. Similar to Wild Wednesday, the youth play a large group game, get taught the bible thematically and have a small group time. This year, Teen Club is going through the book of Romans.