Bible Clubs

Wild Wednesday & Teen Club!

Our bible clubs have started back up! Today was the first day of Will Wednesday and Teen Club will kickoff Oct. 12th with a Seven-T concert and raffle giveaway!

Wild Wednesday is for children in Kindergarten to 6th grade. We start at 1:40pm and end at 3:45pm. Children can come right after school and hang in the Klub Kafe until it’s time for club to start. Around 1:40, the kids will go downstairs to start and play a large group game then get a snack. We also teach the bible stories chronologically, so they will be taught a story then head to small group time. They are separated by grade & gender. From there, they will meet back up in big room to go over closing announcements and have a time of worship! At the end of club, children can either be picked up or go back upstairs to the Klub Kafe until it’s time for dinner at 5pm.

Teen Club is on Wednesdays as well! Club starts at 5:30p and goes until 7:45p. After dinner, the youth are able to go outside (if the weather permits) to play a large group game, then they will come back inside for a message from the bible that goes along with our theme. The theme this year is Circuit Riders! We will rotate weeks of a message, showing of a video and giving back to the community in various ways.

We hope to see you at bible club next week!!

From the Director

Westside Ministries began humbly 33 years ago in a former parsonage on W.Main St. in Turlock California. Forty children came to have Bible lessons and eat snacks and play games. We have grown exponentially. 600 children come monthly…to play, learn. They discover dance, agriculture and education. And yet with many changes one thing has stayed the same.

The Bible is taught to children with the hope that the seeds that are planted will grow in their lives. These seeds are the change needed in our underserved community. One by one kids experience a ‘new’ way to see themselves and the world.  They have become educators, small business owners, restauranteurs, even a top US Aid official. Because someone saw the need to be the ‘change’ the community needed. Using the power of Jesus Christ.

Be a part!

We are ready for you to engage in the life of a child in need! Plant a seed!

-JoLynn DiGrazia

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and assurance of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1